About the EIAI

We are a group of practitioners and service providers in the event industry with combined experience of the industry from within the public sector, health and safety, programming, production and event management service provision, who have come together to set up an Association that would provide a distinct and effective voice and representation for all sectors of the industry in Ireland in order to:

  • Strengthen best practice
  • Cultivate leadership
  • Provide a communications network
  • Provide learning forums to grow event industry standards

To carry out the above we will:

  • Represent our members to National policy makers and move the debate issues related to the event industry in general.
  • Develop business intelligence on markets, industry and technologies, keeping its members and external stakeholders informed and up-to-date on the event industry
  • Communicate the benefits of the event industry to key stakeholders– including decision makers & opinion leaders, the event industry and the general public
  • Form partnerships and alliances that will benefit its members
  • Participate in national and international activity addressing issues of strategic importance for the event industry
  • Engage with training organisations to design and deliver industry specific training to stakeholders
  • Review current best practice and recommend improvements for the future
  • Provide a forum for event volunteers and enhance their training where required

We would like to invite you to become a member of the Event Industry Association of Ireland – please register here to get involved or to see what’s going on.

People who have helped get the EIAI up and running (to date):

Elaine O’Connor, Mary Weir, Jessie Walsh, Sinead Murphy, Grainne Walker, Shane O’ Doherty, Ciara Behan & Dara Strutt.


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