Water on Site
September 2, 2014

DiviningRodBefore you pull out the divining rod, the best route to finding water on site or near your venue is to contact either the land owner or the local authority.  In all cases please ensure to conduct a water test in advance of the event.  If you organise the testing of the water at least 2 weeks in advance of your event you will have enough time to get it re-tested should there be an issue.

Who tests water?

In most cases the local authority can test the water for you – there may be a small fee associated with it.  You can also get it tested by a private service provider (click here for google results) – test usually cost between €65 and €150 euro.

What are they testing for?

They will test for an assortment of horrible bacteria that can grow in pipes etc., essentially  anything that will make people sick.

 Common Errors:
  • “I know a plumber down the road who’ll sort us out” – most plumbers do not have event specific equipment, e.g. they do not have proper public drinking water points, kilometers of piping, water pumps, tanks, and heaters.
  • Not getting the water tested on time.
  • Not having a full comprehensive list of all the possible water requirements, e.g. toilets, showers, drinking water points, sinks for food traders, bar areas etc.
  • Not catering for waste water – the water goes down the drain and then where?
  • Not having enough water available on site. Think about toilet trailer units, showers etc. how much water will they consume over the course of your event – make sure to discuss this with your provider as you may need to bring in a water tanker!
  • Contact an event specialist water provider and ask them to sit down to go through all your requirements with you.
  • Note: your event can be shut down immediately (by a number of different agencies) if there is a problem with the water supply to the site.



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