195. Notification of prescribed bodies.
September 2, 2014

(1)     Within one week of publication of the notice under article 193, a local authority shall notify the prescribed bodies of the proposed event.

(2)     A notice under sub-article (1) shall—

(a) be accompanied by a copy of the proposal made available for inspection in accordance with article 194, and

(b) state that a submission or observation may be made to the local authority in respect of the proposed event within 5 weeks of the date of publication of the notice under sub-article (1)

(3)     Where a prescribed body requests an extension of time from the local authority to consider an application, the authority may, where it considers it necessary to ensurethe safe and effective management of the proposed event, extend that period for such time as the authority considers necessary.

(4)     A local authority may, where it considers it appropriate, notify or consult any other person or body, not being a prescribed body, in relation to the proposed event.




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