17. Emergency Plans

17.1 A Major Emergency is any event which, usually, with little or no warning, causes or threatens (a) death or injury, (b) serious disruption of essential services or (c) damage to property, the consequences of which are beyond the normal capabilities of the Local Authority, Gardaí and Health Board.

17.2 Major Emergency Plans have been prepared to ensure that in the event of an incident occurring which could result in casualties there would be a measured response from the emergency services and from hospitals to which casualties would be brought. Implementation of Major Emergency Plans are the responsibility of the Local Authorities, Gardaí and Health Boards. Within the framework of these Major Emergency Plans the Department of the Environment has recommended that plans be prepared to cater for specific events.

17.3 A Site Emergency Plan should be provided for each site holding a pop concert within the guidelines indicated in The Code of Practice for Safety at Sports Grounds 1 and also shown in Appendix A of this Code. This Plan will need adjustment to deal with pop concerts in sports grounds as the escape route to the pitch will be restricted because of the accommodation of patrons on the pitch. The preparation of such a Plan is the responsibility of the ground management who should consult the Local Authority, Gardaí and Health Board in its preparation in order that the Site Emergency Plan be compatible with the Major Emergency Plan. The Plan should detail the evacuation procedures and make provision for potential disaster situations. The Plan should be tested before the event to establish its validity. Copies of the Plan should be kept at the Ground or Site and all who are concerned should be familiar with its operation, i.e., Promoter, Event Controller, Event Safety Officer, Ground Safety Officer, Chief Steward, Local Authority, Gardaí, Health Board and Voluntary Aid Organisations. The Ground Emergency Plan should be circulated to all the services concerned by Ground Management.

17.4 Designated routes for emergency vehicles should be shown clearly on maps and made known to all concerned.

17.5 Special routes should be provided within the site to allow easy access for emergency services to all areas of the venue.


1. Code of Practice for Safety at Sports Grounds, Stationery Office, Dublin, 1996.