23. Pop Festivals

23.1 Pop Festivals, extending over a number of days present additional problems in comparison to one day events. Many thousands of patrons will be accommodated in the area for the duration of the festival and normal facilities may not be able to cater for such crowds. Special temporary arrangements should be made in consultation with the emergency services.

23.2 The extra facilities to be provided include the likely provision of official camp sites (see Chapter 24) and temporary toilet facilities both near the concert site and in the surrounding area including the village, town or city centre. Such extra facilities also include outlets for drinking water, washing, food and refreshments. It is desirable that provision is made for the frequent removal of litter for the duration of the event for safety reasons and to maintain an acceptable environment for the local population.

23.3 Planning for such events involves the Promoter, the statutory authorities and all others involved in organising the concert. The final plan should be regarded as an agreed strategy between all these organisations. During pop festivals it is desirable to hold debriefing meetings in the morning and evening for the duration of the event to assess how the plan is working and make adjustments if necessary for the following day or days.