182. Interpretation for this Part

(1)     In this Part, except where the context otherwise requires—

“application” means an application for a licence under section 231 of the Act;“applicant” means a person who applies for a licence;

“audience” means persons attending an event on a particular day, other than persons working or performing at the event, and shall include persons attending by invitation and, where an event comprises more than one performance at one or more locations at the venue on a particular day, the audience shall mean the total number of persons attending all such performances;

“code of practice” means a code of practice referred to in sections 232 and 268(2) of the Act;

“prescribed bodies” means –

(a) the relevant Chief Superintendent of An Garda Síochána,

(b) the Health Service Executive, or

(c) any county council, county borough corporation, borough corporation or urban district council (other than the local authority to whom the application is made), the area of which will be affected by the event;

“venue” means the site at which it is proposed to hold an event.


(2)      This Part shall also apply to an application for a licence for an event to be held on more than one day or an application for a licence for a number of events at a venue in a period not exceeding one year, subject to any necessary modifications.