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From Access to Inclusion

From Access to Inclusion Workshops from Arts & Disability Ireland Taking place from 11 – 22 October, the final strand of From Access to Inclusion

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With challenging times ahead it is crucial that the Irish Event Industry is wholeheartedly represented.  With so many businesses, organisations, and individuals impacted so profoundly it is imperative that their voices are heard. As we begin 2022 it is imperative that we continue advocating and lobbying our government until our collective needs are met.

Our current core asks from Government are:

  1. Recognise that the Event Industry and it’s workforce have not recieved fair and comparable supports, funding schemes, and development opportunities throughout this pandemic, yet it remains the most affected by government restrictions.
  2. Recognise that the Event Industry, has not been provided with a fair and comparable industry recovery toolkit or appropriate guidelines.
  3. Recognise the Event Industry, in its’ own right, to acknowledge it for the valuable economic sector it is and assign direct responsibility for this sector to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and immediately establish an Event Industry Taskforce, to engage with and support the industry to deliver a Roadmap to Recovery and future sustainability.
  4. Continue the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) & Pandemic Unemployment Scheme (PUP) for our industry until such time as restrictions are removed and the industry has time to reactivate (+6 months).
  5. Protect and support each part of industry; our workers, volunteers, performers, venues, SMEs, promoters, our smorgasbord of community events right up to our national hallmark events, and our stakeholders to ensure that our eco-system endures and that our professionalism, expertise and vital skillsets are retained.
  6. Enable and resource the Event Industry to utilise this recovery period to address the new challenges presented by Covid-19, improve industry best practice, standards and professional competency, safeguarding our ability to deliver events in a safe and successful manner.

Over the coming weeks we will continute our engagement with relevant government representatives, departments, & officals and endeavour to respond to and rectify he challenges presented.

Membership  is free and open to anyone who is involved in the Irish Events Industry, join today and please spread the word! If you or your organisation can afford to contribute to our efforts at this time please donate now :0)

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Below are some initial pages that we have been working on specifically for members.  There is a jobs boards that is free for use to all members, it is our hope that this section will assist members when events come back online.  In addition, we have set up a number of industry support areas;  a forum (Discussion Area) to enable members to discuss any particular concerns, or challenges they are facing, a page with useful links and some industry articles, we aim to build on the content on these pages in the coming weeks. If you would like us to specifically add any additional features or if you have something to contribute etc. please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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We would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to all the individuals and organisations who helped us get this far. We’d also like to draw particular attention to our early supporters , with no membership fees currently we are reliant on supportative organisations to keep the cogs moving.

Please like and share our website and social media accounts with anyone who has a vested
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