A Solution for Clean Toilets & Surfaces at Events!

Cleaning, one of the core challenges presented by Covid-19 on event sites, in venues and, most critically, in small spaces such as toilets.  In short, surfaces can be treated in advance of your event and the active treatment will continue throughout the event with minimal cleaning.

Upon hearing that a viable solution had been found, we reached out to Ryans Cleaning and asked us to tell us more (see below). 

Ryans Cleaning, wiping out COVID-19 one venue at a time!

Pat Ryan, CEO, Ryans Cleaning said “Our staff are currently at the frontline of killing the virus at any venue we service across the country. Our disinfecting equipment and procedures give our team, clients and those visiting the venues tremendous peace of mind as the country reopens. Demand for our disinfecting services is good with clients representative of a wide range of industries welcoming their staff, customers and clients back to their offices, factories, sites and buildings. I would like to take this opportunity to commend my team for embracing this innovative technology and new service with the positive can-do attitude I believe this country needs to help us all get back to business safely and successfully.”

As we all look at ways to get back to business Ireland’s top events cleaning company, Ryans Cleaning has introduced a really interesting disinfecting service that is definitely worth consideration by our members.
They can offer this service as a stand-alone entity or coupled with your event cleaning needs, so those of you who are in contract for general cleaning services can still engage Ryans Cleaning for this specialised service if you so wish.
Please note this sanitisation service has already been in use this week as horse-racing commenced behind closed doors at Leopardstown and The Curragh. The feedback on this service is excellent and most reassuring to those managing operations and the medical personnel responsible for the safety of all patrons on-site at the tracks.

What is it?

Ryans Cleaning have introduced an innovative electrostatic charge disinfecting system using cutting edge technology to create a positive charge on the chemicals used to kill off the virus.

How does it work?

Specialist equipment is used to spray the chemical and once it hits its destination it actively seeks out the negative charge of that item. Traditional sprayers only target the surface of an item however, this scientific approach surrounds the item killing the virus regardless of its position on the target item.
The other unique feature of this system is that the chemical used by Ryans Cleaning is environmentally friendly and does not need to be wiped off a surface. Traditional disinfectants applied to surfaces are usually sprayed, left for a specified dwell time and then wiped away with a cloth. The chemical Ryans Cleaning use is simply applied and left on the surface. It offers high levels of antimicrobial activity which means it carries on working post-application and is a persistent solution.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

It is fragrance-free, chlorine-free, alcohol-free, non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic and food safe. Experience has proven excellent levels of user acceptance with a prolonged antimicrobial affect and material compatibility. It is environmentally friendly and suitable for use in all genres of events and entertainment.

Does it take long to apply?

The system is extremely quick to administer and purposefully designed to quickly clean large-scale buildings and minimise work downtime while creating a clean and safe environment for occupants which is why Ryans Cleaning are the preferred contractor for sporting, entertainment and events industries as well as large corporate entities and public service buildings.

How long does it last?

Ryans Cleaning’s disinfectant/adjuvant holds and maintains surface active agents at a molecular level. It can remain active on surfaces for up to 28 days. The 28 days persistence is based on independent testing of the control chemical on wall tiles for MRSA which showed no viable increase in colony-forming units (CFUs) during this period.

The frequency of application will be specific to each client’s unique requirements which will be determined inevitably by the use of each target area.

Who are Ryans Cleaning?

Ryans Cleaning is Ireland’s top events cleaning company with clients here, in the UK and Mainland Europe. They continue to set standards in the cleaning and waste management business in the events, festivals, venues and sporting industries. This unique family run company has been best in class for over 30 years.

Ryans Cleaning is fully audited and accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) with no less than 4 unique top European Certificates in Quality; Management Systems (ISO9001), Environmental Management Systems (14001), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS18001) and Event Sustainability Management Systems (ISO20121).

How much does it cost?

To get a quote today contact:
Aisling Ryan, General Manager
T: 0504 24406
M: 087 9061264
E: aisling.ryan@ryanscleaning.com
W: www.ryanscleaning.ie

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