Press Release – 17/11/2020

Press Release – 17/11/2020


The EIAI welcomes ‘Life Worth Living’;

The Report of the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce

NOVEMBER 17th 2020


EIAI welcomes the positive key recommendations in today’s ‘Life Worth Living’ report of the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce. While the impact of COVID-19 on our sector has been more detrimental than in any other sector, we are confident that the ten recommendations & solutions in today’s report put strong foundations in place for our sustainable future recovery. 


At the EIAI we know that nearly 60% of our members are in receipt of unemployment payments  – we are, therefore, hugely invested in securing future sustainability and growth across all sectors within the Event Industry.   At the forefront of this report is the sustainability of our sector being dependent on economic policy and decision-making. 

Elaine O’ Connor, Co-Founder of EIAI commented that she “was delighted to be on the Task Force as a representative of the Event Industry Alliance, and hopes to see the recommendations in the report embraced and delivered upon by the various government departments and stakeholders involved”.  This is both urgent and important in terms of the survival and recovery of our industry.

The introduction of Universal Basic Income (UBI) on a pilot scheme basis starting with this sector is very positive for the Event Industry.  An area the EIAI has a tangible interest in going forward is the Capacity Building and Upskilling Scheme for artists and creative workers and ensuring that this scheme is accessible to all within the Event Industry. . This scheme is aimed at renewal through professional development, training and funding. Another key focus for us is the targeted public realm capital improvement programme.  This would fund local authorities to adapt, equip & improve public spaces for cultural events & activities which will prove crucial to our industry’s recovery over the coming years. EIAI also welcomes the commitment to retaining local authority funding for Arts and Events at 2020 levels. This is crucial in terms of sustaining and supporting social wellbeing and recovery.  

Speaking today, Mary Weir of EIAI said ‘We’d like to express our gratitude to the taskforce chairperson, Claire Duignan whose unwavering commitment and strategic capabilities were at the forefront of delivering this plan.   We also want to thank Minister Catherine Martin and commit our support and that of our members helping anyway we can to ensure delivery on the Taskforce recommendations.’

We take very seriously our collective role in ensuring implementation of this plan – It is the ultimate demonstration of how important our culture,events, the arts and  entertainment are as part of life and livelihoods in Ireland… NOT an extra, They make life worth living.

For further information contact:

Elaine O’Connor 085 7198994 /  Clodagh Hannon 0868521222       

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Elaine O'Connor

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