Studying Event Management and the new academic year at TU Dublin

Studying Event Management and the new academic year at TU Dublin

The new academic year will commence in September at Technological University Dublin and we look forward to meeting our new event management students and welcoming back returning students.  TU Dublin provides opportunities to study at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, offering a 4 year honours BSc Event Management programme & a 1 year full-time (2 year part-time) MSc Event Management.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal workings of the education sector as it has disrupted all areas of event and festival activity. For this coming academic year, programme delivery for undergraduate students will be predominantly online for the Autumn semester. We expect that online classes will be supplemented with some face to face, on-site delivery, complying with social distancing requirements and in line with government health advice at all times. It is hoped that placement for third year students will be possible in the Spring semester, depending on government health advice at that time.

The MSc Event Management programme will be delivered entirely online during the Autumn semester. A decision has yet to be taken about the Spring semester.

While we are facing into a different educational environment next month, the university community faces it together. Event management lecturers and programme coordinators will work with students to develop an active and engaged community of learners. The world of events is full of risks and uncertainties but also of possibilities and potentials waiting to be grasped! While badly affected by the current pandemic, the event sector is very resilient and will endure this crisis. We are now seeing the return of events in a variety of innovative and exciting forms, and new opportunities are presenting themselves as the sector adapts to a rapidly changing environment. We will be working with students to keep them updated about what’s happening in the sector, encouraging them to network and to develop their knowledge, transferable skills and competencies at every opportunity.

Involving event management students in the activities of the event sector is a key priority for us and we have interacted with practitioners and with industry associations like the EIAI to get suggestions for dissertation research areas (e.g. sustainability, impacts, planning, consumer behaviour, innovation, health and safety etc.) and to secure online guest lectures and workshops. We will continue to engage with the sector to facilitate opportunities as they arise in respect of industry engagement, work experience, professional placement and volunteering.


For further information contact:

Dr Ruth Craggs (BSc Event Management)

Dr Bernadette Quinn (MSc Event Management)


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