Providing the Event Industry with tailored COVID Training and Induction Courses

Providing the Event Industry with tailored COVID Training and Induction Courses

One of the key lessons that emerged from the COVID crisis of 2020 is the power and positive impact of collaborative innovation in dealing with seemingly insurmountable problems. When faced with a problem of such global proportion, many sectors of society briefly put aside individual agendas to focus on a common cause. For some this was a relatively painless transition, for others without an existing framework, it proved more complicated.

The event industry is one such example. Six months into the crisis, it is an industry that in many countries, seems to be still struggling for government support and recognition despite its important contribution to the economy. A core issue in many countries seems to be the definition of which sub-groups belong to the industry and which ones should take a leadership role.

It is difficult to make a convincing case for government support when the industry presents a fragmented picture. Recognition and successful lobbying require a large membership with a consistent message, represented by effective leadership. A disjointed approach will see the industry being left behind or in some cases resources and support are allocated to the loudest voice, leaving many behind with nothing.

Government sanctioned guidance and training for the industry is another area that will inevitably suffer for the lack of a cohesive approach. Governments around the world have already adopted a distanced approach which allows them to evade responsibility whenever possible. This is extremely problematic as if there is any sector that requires consistency in this crisis, it is those that form the event industry.

Identifying Needs?

With relevant strategic, tactical and operational experience on four continents, Powermill has continuously monitored the ever-changing landscape associated with COVID-19 since early 2020. Observing both proactive and reactive efforts to find an effective reopening strategy, it has become increasingly obvious that the industry needs to develop its own operational road-map for post-COVID events, be they corporate, live music, exhibitions, public, arts, etc.

It is in this context that Powermill, working closely with its UK & US Partners and the Event Industry Association of Ireland (EIAI), has developed three COVID specific training courses for the Event Industry. Grounded in current legislation, guidance and best practice from organizations such as the Event Safety Alliance, they are divided into the following:

  • COVID-19 Event Industry Workforce Induction
  • COVID-19 Event Compliance Officer
  • COVID-19 Event & Venue Management

Although initially developed for the Irish and UK market these courses are adaptable to various global regions as appropriate and can be updated with changes to reflect the localised safety management approach.

Aim of the Training

The aim of this training is to provide a resource to event personnel with relevant and considered guidance drawn from international experience of industry recovery efforts to date. Events are a dynamic endeavour and context is important, which is why we have maintained collaborative communication with like-minded colleagues in several countries to ensure that our training content reflects real-world practicalities. In short, our aim is to deliver global best practice within the context of local legislative and other guidance.

In our own effort to collaborate and contribute, Powermill will be offering the Event Industry Workforce Induction FREE, to all members of the EIAI, and plan on roll-out in mid-September 2020.  Further details will be available shortly on the EIAI web site and the additional courses will be rolled out in October 2020.

Course Content

The content of the courses has been adapted appropriately for the level of responsibilities to be undertaken.  Listed below is a brief overview of the content:

  • COVID-19 Event Industry Workforce Induction
    • Introduction to Covid-19
    • Workforce Preparations
    • Your Covid-19 Compliance Advisory Team
    • Lead Worker Representative – Role
    • Stakeholder Representative – Role
    • Covid-19 Administrative Coordinator
    • Workforce & Stakeholders
    • Resources & Further Reading
  • COVID-19 Event Compliance Officer – Content of above course plus the following modules:
    • Managing Covid-19
    • Covid-19 Event Compliance Officer – Role
    • Medical Preparedness
    • Covid-19 Event Specific Action Plan (Lists)
    • Before the Event
    • The Event
    • After the Event
  • COVID-19 Event & Venue Management – Content of above courses plus the following modules:
    • Government Advice for Businesses
    • Planning an Event

Organisational Structure

In the coming weeks, we will address the additional aspects of:

  • How COVID specific roles are incorporated within a typical event organisational structure
  • How the current approach to event management and budgeting will be impacted.
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Please note; all attendees must be registered members of EIAI to avail of FREE training options.

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