Festival and event practitioners!

A new open access book Festivals and the City is now available as an open access text. Edited by Andrew Smith, Guy Osborn and Bernadette Quinn, the book deals with the contested nature of urban festive spaces. Anyone can download the whole book or individual chapters for free.

Academic Engagement

One of the core aims of EIAI is to provide an accessible platform for education and open dialogue about the events industry in Ireland and beyond.

In order to provide such a platform, it is integral to the organisation that we offer our members an opportunity to engage with both the industry directly and the academic community. Such intersectionality we hope will engender a spirit of frank and non-partisan discussion about the manner is which the events industry is operating from an both an academic and practical perspective. Consequently, we invite students, practitioners and lecturers working in the broad field of Event Management to contribute publications to the EIAI on a range of subjects related to their fields of expertise.

Our rationale for doing this is twofold. Firstly, having access to academic publications which are often out of reach to the non-academic community, we can provide practitioners working in events an opportunity to participate with, appraise and respond to the data in a fashion similar to peer review. Correspondingly, the academic community consisting of undergrads, post grads, post docs, early career academics and lecturers an opportunity to engage directly with the events industry in an effort to identify where gaps in research exist thus arming the academic community with an insight into the practical application of their research within the industry.

While we invite and welcome non-published research, papers will also be available “in press” versions and may differ slightly from final published manuscripts.

As this is an intersectional collaboration between the academic community and industry practitioners to engage in research, we welcome all parties to contribute regardless of experience, expertise and professional level. However, in the interests of fairness it must be stated that this platform will not be responsible for peer reviewing the research submitted as it is only function is to provide a platform for engagement.

All research submitted will be published online at the discretion of EIAI
representative members who have advanced occupational or academic experience or a combination of both.

To submit a publication please contact us.

Please keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates.