Industry Representative Group

The Event Industry Association of Ireland’s Industry Representative Group initial core aim is to  begin and maintain an open dialogue between government and industry on how best to mitigate the initial impacts of Covid-19 on the Irish Events Industry.  

Our intention is that this group will consist of key industry leaders;  promoters, organisers, venues, suppliers, and contractors who will have the responsibility of both representing the Irish Events Industry and the delivery of our association’s core objectives.

Sector Working Groups

Sector Working Groups will be established to focus on specific objectives and challenges that are relevant to their specific industry sector; e.g. Health & Safety Consultancy, Suppliers and Infrastructure Providers.  Pending the finalisation of the association’s core objectives we envision that a number of working groups will have to be established quite quickly. 

It is our intention that these groups will consist of representatives  of key industry promoters, organisers, suppliers, and contractors, who will have responsibility for the analysis and assessment of key industry documentation  information, case studies and personnel experiences with regard to the specific goals of their working group. 

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