Membership is currently free and accessible to any person or organisation that operates within in the Irish Events Industry. 

When you join the Event Industry Association of Ireland you will instantly gain access to the following:

  • Individual profile on the EIAI website which will enable other event industry professionals to contact you directly and vice versa.
  • Industry representation.
  • Professional development and educational opportunities.
  • Relevant networking opportunities.
  • Accreditation as a Certified Event Industry Professional (CEIP) / Certified Event Industry Supplier (CEIS) – we aim to develop an accreditation system over the coming months so that this accreditation can be earned via education, performance, experience and service to the Irish Events Industry.  Please contact us if you have any thoughts on this or would like to get involved in the creation of the accreditation system.
  • Access to a Body of Knowledge of relevant Event Industry Information.
  • Access to relevant discussions and forums.
  • Ability to comment on potential regulatory change (Have your say section).

Please note: due to the re-launch of our website we have had to remove all pre-existing membership data and information as it is no longer relevant.  Membership rules, guidelines etc. will be re-introduced in the near future – all members will be notified with regard to any changes.

Together we’re stronger

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